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The importance of water in our diet goes without saying.   We are after all 70% water.


It still amazes me though that people do not get enough good quality plain water into their body daily.
It seems we would rather drink caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee or fizzy drinks.  These have a diuretic effect on our body, meaning that for every caffeinated drink we ingest we lose twice the amount of water from our body via Urination. So for every cup of coffee you drink you will need to drink 2 cups of water to make up for the loss.

Water is needed to make up the many different fluids we have in our body. It is needed to plump up our cells and allows for the correct processes to happen within each cell. It is the medium in which blood flows and in which vitamins and minerals get to where we need them to be. The quality of the Water we drink is also very important.  In my opinion tap just isn’t good enough (too many chemicals).  If we can help our body by giving it the best quality water we can without it being chemically overloaded then we should.

This does not mean drinking bottled water instead as this may also be detrimental. Usually bottled water is in plastic bottles and the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the water.  Bottled waters may affect the state of our hormonal health and may be high in minerals like sodium.

We should be filtering our tap water, it is more cost effective and a good quality filter does not have to cost too much.  There are various prices and you can get a decent carbon jug filter from £55 upwards.
You need to watch with cheaper versions as it usually costs more in the long run to change the filters.
There are other methods of filtration like reverse osmosis and distillation, look into them also as they may be better. They are usually more expensive initially.

Always check that the filter is removing inorganic and organic waste along with chemicals like chlorine.  If you have fluoride in your water this is more difficult to remove and it is worth checking what filters will remove this from you water.

Make sure that you limit caffeine and drink plenty of herbal teas instead as these are not diuretic in nature.
Hot water is also a good option. Making sure that you do not drink to much chilled water either as the body responds better to water at room temperature. The following book is worth reading if you want to know more about how and why the body needs water:

The Bodies Many Cries for Water – by  F Batmanghelidj