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Become a Be Lean Eat Green Facilitator with our accredited nutrition courses.  These courses are designed for people who have an interest in Nutrition and would like to give safe and effective advice to others.  Ideal if you are an instructor in the health and fitness industry, sports coach or therapist or just want to know more about plant based nutrition for yourself.

Courses are written and delivered by qualified nutritionists Karen Scobie and Jane Jamieson who both have a wealth of experience in nutrition and a passion for supporting people to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Upon completion of Part 1 you will be invited to join the Be Lean Eat Green Facebook community to support and share experience, recipes and tips for plant based living to help keep you and your clients inspired.  We also offer membership to the Boost providing monthly articles, research and current nutritional thinking to help support your learning and development.

To register for your chosen course contact Karen (  Please note payment is required in full prior to the course commencing in order to secure your place.  

Be Lean Part1.jpg



This one day course provides an introduction to plant based eating and how you can help you clients, and yourself, be as healthy and fit as possible.  It provides you with all the tools you need to offer nutritional advice with confidence. Covering:

  • The Digestive System and why it needs to work optimally to aid absorption

  • The importance of Blood Sugar Balance and how it works and why it is crucial for overall health and well being.

  • An easy Red/Amber/Green System to encourage the introduction towards a more Plant Based way of living, delivering the nutrition we need and thus improving yours and your clients health and the health of our planet.

This one day course is designed to give you the tools you need to support you and/or your clients to transition to a plant based diet.

Dates: Course Runs 9am-5.30pm

  • Saturday 17th August 2019

  • Sunday 29th September 2019

Cost: £149

Venue: (Exact Venue will be confirmed prior to the course)

Be Lean Part2.jpg


This one day course builds on your knowledge from Part 1 and explores plant based living further, looking at how to get the nutrients your body may be lacking.  It will consider a seasonal approach to eating - by eating more locally sourced foods, in the seasons they are available, we provide the body with the nutrients it needs, when it needs them.  It will look at vitamins and minerals in more detail, common vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how we can get what we need from our diet. 


  • Vitamins and Minerals and the function they have in the body.

  • Electrolytes and Hydration and how are these related to health goals.

  • Look at how the changing Seasons relates to our health and eating patterns.

  • Lectins, what are these and what techniques can be used to reduce the effect of these.

Dates: Course Runs 9am-5.30pm

  • Saturday 5th October 2019

  • Sunday 27th October 2019

Cost: £149 

Venue: (Exact Venue will be confirmed prior to the course)

Be Lean Part3.jpg



In Part 3 we will build on what you have learned in Parts 1 and 2 and consider foods which have particular nutrient combinations for optimum health and wellbeing. We'll explore some techniques for supporting optimum energy pathways in the body and we'll also look at some of the foods which undermine a positive nutrition approach to health and wellbeing.


  • The liver and other organs in their function in Detoxification

  • What are free radicals created and how do Plants use Antioxidants to quench them?

  • How Enzymes in food relate to our optimum function

  • What are Antinutrients, how do we use them to undermine our success and what could we do about it?

Dates: Course Runs 9am-5.30pm

  • Saturday 2nd November 2019

  • Sunday 24th November

Cost: £149 - If you book and pay for all 3 courses together it will cost £300

Venue: (Exact Venue will be confirmed prior to the course)

To register for your chosen course contact Karen (  Please note payment is required in full prior to the course commencing in order to secure your place.