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Nutrition today is a very confusing subject for people. My take on it is very simple. Balance.

No high protein, no cutting out carbohydrates (unless refined), no sticking to one type of eating (e.g. raw, especially in Scotland), no eating whatever you like 6 days a week and fasting on the 7th. I could go on, but the biggest problem is that people are always looking for a quick fix even though when it comes to long term health, that just won’t do.

Balance for me means; eating 3 meals per day with a couple of healthy snacks in between, cutting out caffeine, sugar, hydrogenated and trans fats, processed food and at least cutting down excesses like alcohol and animal products.

The first appointment involves me taking a case history, I look at overall health from childhood to the present moment along with family history and each body system. In doing this, the client gets a chance to discuss what health and lifestyle issues they may have. This gives me the information I need to formulate a plan of action.

Each appointment is tailored to the needs of the client, as everyone is different, the way in which we approach change must be too. Some like to dive in at the deep end and get straight to it, where others may need to dip a toe in first to ease themselves into the process. There is no right or wrong way to take on the challenge, what’s important is that you get the results that you are looking for and can improve your overall health in the long run. The most important thing for me is that clients take responsibility for their own health, it’s their body and they are the only ones who can control what goes into it, what they use on it, and how much they exercise it.