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I have just studied for 9 months to become a Macrobiotic coach. I decided to do the course because I knew the information I would receive from Bill Tara and Marlene Watson Tara would be a great addition to the information on food and health that I already know. I also knew that it would be useful for my health and that of my family and my clients. I would also gain further information on how to heal the body using food and natural therapies.

My interests lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang, seasonal eating and using food as a means to prevent illness and maintain health and also as a cure for many of todays leading diseases. So the course was right up my street. The Macrobiotics course encompassed all of these subjects. I loved it!

When I studied nutrition with the College of Naturopathic Medicine we covered the subject of Macrobiotics briefly. The comment that stuck with me at that time was that Macrobiotic is one of the healthiest ways to eat.

Macrobiotics for me is all about living with the Seasons of the country you reside in, taste, texture, Yin and Yang, Balancing your body and most importantly your digestive health. In the course we covered reading the body, face, tongue, eyes, sound of the voice and much more. It is amazing what you learn about a person from looking and listening. All these aspects have really increased my knowledge as a therapist and I encompass them in my Nutritional therapy work every day.

Macrobiotics can get a bad press, that’s generally due to the ignorance of the people writing the articles. If they truly knew what the philosophy behind Macrobiotics was they would think twice before they wrote anything. The problem for a lot of people is that they have to cook (!) and initially you need a lot of ingredients that you have never used or seen before.

This is where the Macrobiotic Health Coach can help. They can get you started, explain the best foods specifically for your health needs and also help you with any natural therapies you may require. If you need cookery lessons this is also something they can offer you. Whilst teaching you how to use the new ingredients and explaining why they are important for improving your health and preventing further health problems.