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We were first introduced to Karen by a friend who had attended a training course that Karen was a guest speaker at. After which we decided to make an appointment with Karen for our 7 year old son Codie to seek some help and advice.  Codie developed very serve allergies and ill health instantly after having his first baby vaccination and they proceeded to get worse as years went by.

Codie was always a very sickly child he had serve bowl problems and was very underweight.  Terrible skin conditions, trouble sleeping, concentration issues and always tired. Codie would vomit on a regular basis, suffer very painful cramps and headaches. Runny eyes and nose almost always, suffered painful cold sores and blisters around and on his lips. Codie’s whole face and neck often appeared puffy and swollen, his skin was always pale with very sunken in eyes and large dark circles. The condition of his hair and nails were terrible. Due to these issues and conditions it was very hard for Codie to lead a normal life for a child of his age, he was unable to take part in most sports. Codie had to miss out on loads of things school trips, friend’s parties, sleepovers with family and friends. 

Codie was taking daily anti-allergy medicine at the highest dose, using 4/5 creams daily, bath oils, medicated shower creams and shampoo. Used steroids regular for treatment, over a 2 year period had over 20 courses of antibiotics . Codie had to have parts of his body wrapped and bandaged daily to protect his sore skin and stop infection. He had specialised garments made for bed fully covering his body and gloves and socks for his hands and feet. Codie had to carry creams, medicine and a copy of his action plan everywhere he went in case of a reaction. 

After years of visiting doctors, clinics, skin specialists, hospital consultants  and allergy testing we were told Codie had a food allergy to milk and dairy products and to remove them from his diet. After doing so and finding no positive results we were then told it was his age and hormones and would grow out of it.

As a parent it’s the hardest thing to have and an ill chill and be unable to help them. Then we meet Karen and Codie’s life turned around. Codie’s whole life has been totally transformed, he is now a healthy height and weight, has normal strength for his age and sleeps great. No skin conditions, no pain or headaches, all of Codie’s issues are a thing of the past. Codie takes no medicine or uses no medicated creams/ lotions or oils, no more bandages/wraps. 

Codie has a wonderful diet and loves it, for the first time in Codie’s life he enjoys food. After 7 years of ill health and sickness we have a very happy and healthy boy. It’s hard to express how much a difference Karen made not only with diets and foods but with everything. Karen puts so much time and effort into her work, it is heart warming and she changes life’s. Karen's aftercare never stops and is always there ready to help or offer advice . 

After our first appointment with Karen, Codie had a new eating plan and advice on how to repair all the damage already done to Codie also what foods to avoid and what foods encourage a healthy lasting lifestyle. 

Codie now enjoys a full healthy life including sports, something that he never enjoyed before. He has lots of energy and he has no skin conditions to date. Not only has this helped his health but he has a beneficial understanding of healthy foods and can make the right choices on what is right for him. He even shares this information with kids his own age and adults too may I add. Codie now no longer catches viruses and other things and is one of the healthiest kids in school. Completely the opposite of what is life was like before. Karen helped Codie make these changes in such a short space of time- 6 months- which is remarkable considering the medical profession couldn’t make change in 7 years.

I would highly recommend Karen's work to anyone who is going through what Codie endured. She is dedicated to the change of lives and her field of work. 

Thank you Karen, you have changed all our lives.

Aileen Sullivan

I have known Karen for about 4 years. I had a range of health problems and nutritional needs which had been hindered by long shifts at work and bad health choices. However I knew within myself that I would need to change my life as I never believed in conventional methods for this. For example, depriving yourself of nutrients and foods in order to loose weight. This is when Karen stepped in and changed my life. 

I  did not know what to expect and due to being overweight, I was very anxious at the thought of being ridiculed. Despite this, I had hoped this meeting would be different and, to my amazement, it really was. As Karen asked me questions and took an overall health assessment of my individual needs, she set me up on a journey which has completely turned my life around. I have went from strength to strength; I now eat foods that I never even knew existed 4 years ago, I eat more than I ever have but now my food is all about my health and well-being and the nourishment my body needs. I cook fresh foods every day, and enjoy and feel good about myself. My husband has also joined me on my health journey and together we lead healthier and happier lives. I cannot recommend Karen enough. My health is amazing for my age and stage of life, (50). I attend 7 hourly fitness classes a week which include Bootfit, Zumba, Dance, Metafit, Fitsteps. I also started running earlier this year which I would never had anticipated 4 years ago. I do Yoga and walk daily, as well as Meditate often and despite working a night shift 8 nights a month, I could run rings around people less than half my age.

I think what I am trying to say is take the first step then each step after one at a time and you will never look back, I promise you.


I first went to visit Karen Scobie in August 2012 after reading an article in the ME association magazine - a sufferer had highly recommended Karen. I gradually started to clean up my diet and balance my blood sugars by eating little and often. I was on 12 different prescription medicines when I first visit Karen,  for pain,  IBS,  Depression,  PMT, and Constipation, over the course of 12 months Karen helped me replace all these medicines with more natural supplements include Fish oil, Vit D and Magnesium. My overall health has improved by at least 60% through good nutrition and healthy supplements all thanks to Karen. She has been a god send, she's like my very on Personal Health Practitioner on tap and now a very close friend. 

Thank you for all your help. 

Susan Payton

I visited Karen around 3 months ago on the recommendation of a friend, after seeing her go through an amazing transformation under Karen's guidance.  I, myself, was on ibuprofen for back pain, omeprazole to protect my stomach from it, antidepressants and nasty prescription drugs for a fungal toenail infection.  On top of all this I was drinking caffeine to excess, had been on meal replacement shakes for months in an effort to lose weight and suffered horrendous bloating from IBS.  In a nutshell I was destroying my system.   

Going to see Karen is definitely one of the best things I've ever done.  I sat with her on the first occasion for around 3 hours and she asked me various questions and we chatted about some of the issues I had.  It transpired I was deficient in just about every key vitamin and nutrient there is.  She gave me a tailor made programme complete with shopping list and recipes.  I basically charged at this and took it upon myself to go cold turkey.  I returned all medication to the pharmacist, took up herbal & fruit tea and got all the vitamins and supplements Karen suggested and cut dairy, caffeine and gluten from my diet.

That was 9 weeks ago and I now feel fantastic. I did have the odd glitch with withdrawal but Karen was always there to explain symptoms and offer support. I drink loads of water, eat every 2/3 hours and have a healthy and balanced diet, cooking with ingredients I didn't know existed.  I didn't think it was possible to eat so much, lose weight and feel good.  I'm bursting with energy now and am doing 4 classes a week at the gym, a weekly yoga class plus a long dog walk every day.  Before it was even a big uphill struggle to just walk the dogs and I found various excuses not to visit the gym.  Everything seemed like such an effort.  Looking back I was just so lethargic, and was functioning as opposed to living. My body & mind were lacking because I was running on false energy provided by caffeine and sugar.

Karen has a vast wealth of knowledge and with her warm and understanding nature she'll guide you thought just about anything.  She's 200% better than any GP.  I have learnt so much from her about how the body, not to mention the mind, works and the effect that normal, everyday foods that we think are healthy adversely affect it.  

I cannot thank her enough for what's she's done for me. I am amazed at how easy it is to regulate your life through what you eat and drink under the guidance of someone who really does care and has the passion to put you on the right track.

Thanks so much for everything.

Joyce Mutch

I had been told by my GP over 25 years ago that I had IBS and that really there was nothing that I could do except take the prescribed peppermint oil capsules and not get stressed!  Over the years my ‘IBS’ got worse along with my ‘sensitivity’ to a growing number of foods. I had further consultations with my GP and tests for vitamin  deficiencies and coeliac problems with no problems revealed. Karen was recommended to me as a nutritionist who might be able to help in December 2015. I had my first appointment with Karen at the beginning of January 2016 and during this session she quickly got to grips with my digestive problems.  I had almost given up hope of ever feeling ‘normal’ without pain from the bloating caused by eating what would be considered a healthy balanced diet. Just under two months on, with Karen’s ‘encyclopaedic’ knowledge of nutrition, I feel like a new person. I am not now suffering from bloating and pain and can now eat things that I had given up eating long ago. There has been some work involved on my part and my shopping list has changed a bit, however the positive change in my energy levels and my mental lucidity has made this very worthwhile. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is putting up with chronic stomach and bowel problems who wants to get back to living a normal life.  

Joyce 😊