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Acid-Forming Foods

Acid Forming Foods

  1. Pork – Most acid food you can put in your body, try and avoid anything from the pig. Pigs don’t sweat so you are eating their toxicity.
  2. Dairy – milk from a cow is meant for a calf and not for humans. Many of my clients have dairy intolerances.
  3. Beef – We eat far too much cow. If you want to eat it in Small amounts chose organic. .
  4. Lamb – If having red meat probably a better choice than cow or Pig but always in small quantities and organic.
  5. Game - Not over farmed. Less likely to be pumped full of hormones.
  6. Poultry – Organic free range is a must. Again eat in moderation as it still creates an acidic situation within our body.
  7. Eggs –.use sparingly.
  8. Fish – Least acidic of all the animal kingdom. Our bodies tend to cope with it better because we live on an island and our ancestors would have lived on fish and seaweed. Has the added benefit of having omegas 3 and 6.
  9. Pulses and Legumes – both proteins so therefore acid forming but to a much lesser degree.
  10. Grains - When added to pulses and legumes they create a complete protein.
  11. Refined Carbohydrates


Some fruits are also classed as acidic but to a much lesser degree most fruit and vegetables are alkalising and as our body should be an alkaline environment it is important that majority of our diet is vegetables with a couple of portions of Fruit. Not the other way around.

Our nation is very animal protein oriented and because of this we have a lot of disease. For cancer to survive in our body it needs an acid environment.

Our blood should be between 7.2 -7.5 (Alkaline). When we eat acidic foods our environment changes but the blood must maintain alkalinity, so in order to keep at the above levels it leaches calcium from our bones, if this happens consistently we could end up with osteoporosis. This is why the west has the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world. The worst countries are Finland, America and the UK.

Funny that when we are the nations drinking the most milk and eating the most dairy produce? Ask yourself the question…