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6 Candymill Lane
Hamilton, ML2 0FD

07429 247 672

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Whilst raising two children, now ages 23 and 20, Karen pursued her dream and successfully qualified as a Nutritional Therapist. Over the past 8 years Karen has built up a successful consultancy practice advising clients on a wide range of issues surrounding health, well-being and lifestyle.

Karen is passionate about food and believes that healthy eating will provide a long and happy life full of contentment and peace. Karen believes that this can be achieved by making sensible food and life style choices and her skills in this area are now in great demand throughout the country.

Karen is also well known in the West of Scotland for her keep-fit classes which she has given for over 20 years, more recently specialising in classes for the retired and over 65’s.

In Karen’s earlier career she regularly provided keep-fit sessions on breakfast television and is now a regular contributor on BBC Radio Scotland. She also lectures on a wide variety of health topics and is in regular demand throughout the UK and Europe.

Karen is also a qualified Macrobiotic Health Coach and Chef,  She enjoys helping her clients learn how to cook health meals.

She has recently written a Nutrition Course called Fatburn Nutrition with Dr Jane Jamieson her friend and Colleague,  this was an opportunity to bring there combined knowledge together and offer a course that is both comprehensive and honest. The course was written for Dianne Teo who created Fatburn Extreme and it is being offered to  sports coaches and therapists teaching her method.  It is  also open to anyone who is interested in broadening there knowledge.